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Morel - Car audio

Morel - Car audio

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Morel's car audio components and complete systems are renowned for their precision and dynamic sound reproduction. Morel meets all car audio needs with exclusive technologies that overcome the most acoustic limitations of the car environment. Morel speaker systems deliver the thrill of live music even when you're driving.

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Based on over 25 years of experience in designing and creating high-end loudspeakers, we design our loudspeakers to fully express the unique sound concept referred to as French Sound.

French Sound is a subtle and very specific balance, designed to accurately reproduce the mid-range details of the music while preserving all the emotions of the voice. It faithfully reproduces the dynamics of the original recording, yet retains all the natural nuances and vocal clarity that makes music come alive.

Blam's new Signature line expresses all of Guy's 25-year experience working in automotive audio and product design; it simply achieves all the ideals and goals he set for French Sound.

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Your vehicle's sound system can be considerably improved while maintaining all the interior aesthetics. Equipolarcar has the best solutions on the market and a very restricted list of installers from north to south of the country.


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